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TorkLift Custom Frame Mounted Camper Tie Downs Installation - 1997 Ford F-250

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How to Install the TorkLift Custom Frame Mounted Camper Tie Downs on a 1997 Ford F-250

Today on our 1997 Ford F-250 Heavy Duty, were going to be installing the Torklift Custom Frame Mounted Camper Tie Downs for the front of the bed, part number TLF2000. Now were going to begin here on the passenger side of the vehicle. This right here is what the passenger side receiver bracket looks like. You want to make sure that your bracket looks like this, because there is a difference between the driver and passenger side. Now well go underneath the bed of the vehicle here. This is the front bed crossmember.

Were going to be installing this bracket right here just behind this crossmember to where it hooks on the frame. Well go ahead and take our bolt, slide it into position like this. Well then reach up and the frame will actually hook in this little groove right there. Well go ahead and reach out, slide it onto the frame and then slide it forward so that its up against the crossmember. Next were going to need to take our tie down bracket and well line up this top hole right here with the bolt that we just installed. Well slide it over it.

Were then going to take a nut to help keep the bracket in place while we make some marks. We want to make sure that the top of the bracket is level with the underside of the bed crossmember. Well then hold it in place, then were going to need to mark this hole right here and this hole right here. Now with our two locations marked, we can go ahead and remove the nut that is supporting the bracket right now. Well then go ahead and set the bracket back off. Now before you drill these two holes out, we want to make sure that behind on the inside of the frame rail that theres nothing that could be damaged when you drill.

Now with each of our holes marked, were going to go ahead and use the step bit method, where well start out with the smaller bit, and then ultimately step up to our half inch drill bit. Go ahead and take a half inch bolt, a star washer, slide it onto the bolt, then take a spacer block to round hole in it, looks like that. It goes over the bolt. Well then put another star washer on top. Well repeat this for both of the holes, so well go head and make up another one. A bolt, star washer, spacer and star washer.

Next well install both of these in the holes that we just drilled from the inside of the frame outward. Next were going to install our 2x2 block on the bolt. Then take our wedge spacer, slide it on making sure that the thicker part is on the bottom. Like that. Well repeat this for both bolts. Next were ready to take our receiver bracket and line it back up and slide it over the top of all three bolts. Next well install two flat washers on each bolt, followed by a lock washer, and finally a hex nut. Well do this for each of the three bolts. Now that we have all of our hardware just hand-tight, well go ahead and tighten it down with our wrench. Now that our hardware is tightened down, well go ahead and torque them to the manufacturers specification. Next were ready to install the bent insert. Now youll notice that theres two holes in it. Well line up one of the two holes with the hole here and the receiver. Now depending on your camper, well determine which of the two holes youll be using. Youll also want to make sure that when installing the bent insert, the smaller edge faces towards the front of the vehicle, and the larger half faces towards the rear. Go ahead and take our pin, slide it through the hole and snap it back over the top so that it cant come out. Now well repeat the same process over on the driver side. Now keep in mind that on the driver side, there is an emergency brake cable, as well as the fuel lines that run along the frame rail. You may need to move them out of the way in order to drill your two holes and install the hardware. Now over here on the driver side, you can see here is our emergency brake cable. These two little white tabs that would hold the fuel line to the frame rail on the inside. Were going to need to push both of them out so that the fuel lines can be pushed away, so we can drill our hole. There is also a little gray tab down here that helps hold some wiring in place. Well go ahead and push that one out as well just so we can get things away from the inside of the frame rail while we drill. Our quick tech tip: these two little grooves here, thats what the emergency brake cable slide into when this receiver bracket is installed on the driver side. Now its a good idea to put a block, a metal or wood, or something behind the frame that youre drilling into it, just in case, so you dont accidentally run into either one of the electrical lines or the fuel lines. That will do it for our Torklift Custom Frame Mounted Camper Tie Down for the front half of the bed, part number TLF2000, on our 1997 Ford F-250 Heavy Duty. .

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