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Best Bike Racks for Families with Kids (2023)

Bike riding is a fun outdoor activity for the whole family. However, if you have little ones, hauling their bikes to the trail can be a challenge. Most bike racks are designed to fit traditional adult male bikes, not the smaller frames and wheels of child-sized bikes. To carry kids' bikes, most of these racks require you to purchase an extra adapter on top of the bike rack itself.Fortunately, many bike rack manufacturers have recognized the need for family friendly racks. That's where this list comes in. We've put together a list of the top family-friendly racks built to accommodate most smaller, child-sized bikes. These are racks endorsed by other bike enthusiast families, so you can rest assured that your family's bikes are in good hands!Check out the list below!
Kids Bikes on Bike Rack

Best Kids' Bike Racks of 2023

Bike RackCapacityWhy Choose This Rack?
Yakima HoldUp2-4 BikesBest Overall (etrailer choice)
Saris Freedom2-4 BikesBest for Smallest Bikes
Hollywood Racks Sport Rider + Cargo Carrier2 bikes + 100 lbs cargoExtra Cargo Space
Hollywood Racks Traveler5 bikesHighest Bike Capacity
Swagman XTC 2-4 bikesValue Choice
Read more about our top bike racks for kids' bikes below!
Yakima HoldUpProsThe beefy Yakima HoldUp is everything you want in a hitch-mounted bike rack. It's easy to load, thanks to the pivoting rear wheel cradles and low height. Included Same Key System (SKS) lock cores secure your bikes to the rack and the rack to your vehicle. The ratcheting hooks avoid any frame contact. The HoldUp is perfect for multi-bike families, with the capacity to hold anything from a child-sized 20" bikes to an adult 29er. The rack even tilts away from the vehicle to allow for rear hatch access. Bonus: the available add-on # Y02446 turns this 2-bike rack into a 4-bike rack.ConsAlthough the HoldUp folds compactly against the vehicle, the folding lever is a bit difficult to access near the shank, particularly with bikes loaded.
Yakima HoldUp Key Features
Capacity: 2 bikes (60 lbs per bike) or 4 bikes (60 lbs per bike)Mounting Style: Hitch Mount - PlatformAdd-Ons: 2-bike add-on for 2-bike rackHitch Size: 1-1/4" or 2"Allows Trunk/Cargo Access: YesWheel Diameter: 20" - 29"Carrier Weight: 49 lbs (2 bike); 104 lbs (4 bike)Locks Included: Yes (Bikes & Rack)Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Customer Review: 5/5This carrier is everything they claim it is. It's very heavy duty, easy to mount and secure all types of bikes, whether they be BMX, mountain or road bikes, and, most importantly, rides so smoothly behind the vehicle (due to the well engineered arm that goes into the receiving hitch) that you forget it's there. I truly believe many a bike will wear out before this rack wears out. I would not hesitate to recommend this carrier to anyone who serious about quality and value.
Yakima HoldUp
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Saris FreedomProsThe Saris Freedom provides a great fit for the whole family due to its independently adjustable wheel trays—just adjust the trays as needed to fit most men's, women's, and children's bikes, even those smaller than 20"! The tilting design and front-mounted push lever also make it easy to access your rear cargo area. Saris' patent-pending "Cuscinos" are designed to prevent any scuffing of your bike, so your gear makes it to your destination in the same condition in which it left. Plus, the lightweight rack is easy to install and remove.ConsLocks must be purchased separately. The Saris Freedom does make frame contact, although the cradles are cushioned with specially designed, patent-pending "Cuscinos." Bike space is tight, and if you switch between bikes often, adjustment can be time-consuming.
Saris Freedom Key Features
Capacity: 2 bikes (60 lbs per bike) or 4 Bikes (35/60 lbs per bike)Mounting Style: Hitch Mount - PlatformAdd-Ons: N/AHitch Size: 1-1/4" or 2"Allows Trunk/Cargo Access: YesWheel Diameter: Up to 29"Carrier Weight: 22.5 lbs (2 bike); 53 lbs (4 bike)Locks Included: NoWarranty: Limited Lifetime
Customer Review: 5/5WOW WOW WOW That is what I just kept saying after installing this Saris bike rack . . . We are a family of 5 (3 kids and 2 grown-ups). I needed something that will help me load bikes fast, unload them and still be able to have access to the back of my Toyota Sequoia. Saris delivered in every way. Assemble of the item is straight forward. Instructions are clear and to the point. They even give you a yellow strip that helps you mark where the hitch needs to be in order to align hole openings for easier installation after you install it the first time ;) The back-up camera is still usable but not 100%. Tilting down the rack with the bikes on it is simple as 1-2-3. There is plenty of room left between the trunk door and the bike as you can see on the pictures. One HUGE benefit is that you do not need any extra parts for kids bikes. Not like with other brands. Saris delivers tremendously on this part too. No shaking, rattling, or anything that would make you notice that you have this amazing product on the back of your SUV/truck. I can't recommend it more. I am just surprised that this product has not been more advertised and represented compared to other products.
Saris Freedom Bike Rack
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Hollywood Racks Sport Rider + Cargo CarrierProsHollywood Racks Sport Rider SE + Cargo Carrier is one of the most versatile racks you can find. With a 50-lb per bike capacity, the rack is perfect for any adult bikes (including most e-bikes), and the cargo carrier portion is perfect for strapping down even the smallest of bikes. Bikes with training wheels can be especially difficult to carry on traditional bike racks, but with the cargo carrier, you can simply strap down the little ones' bikes (along with any other gear) and be on your way. And when the kids get older and graduate to bigger bikes, Hollywood Racks sells an add-on to turn your 2-bike carrier into a 4-bike carrier.ConsAn adapter is required to carry 16" or 18" wheels in the rack portion of the Sport Rider. The rack's 95 lbs of steel construction is quite heavy. You may need to replace the Velcro straps before any other component.
Hollywood Racks Sport Rider + Cargo Carrier Key Features
Capacity: 2 bikes + cargo (50 lbs per bike + 100 lbs cargo)Mounting Style: Hitch Mount - Platform w/ Cargo CarrierAdd-Ons: 2-bike add-on (replaces cargo basket)Hitch Size: 2"Allows Trunk/Cargo Access: YesWheel Diameter: N/ACarrier Weight: 95 lbsLocks Included: YesWarranty: Limited Lifetime
Customer Review: 5/5The word "Awesome" could sum up this product up. I looked all over for a bike/ basket combo, and could not find anything as nice as this one. You can use just the bike rack or just the basket or both, as seen. Very sturdy, doesn't rattle, you don't even know it is on the back of your car.
Hollywood Racks Sport Rider Bike Rack
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Hollywood Racks TravelerProsThis budget-priced, family-friendly bike rack offers a 5-bike capacity, so you can bring the whole gang along. Dual folding arms reduce the need for adapters on children's bikes. The tilting upright mast allows for rear cargo access when bikes are not loaded, and the anti-sway cradles will secure your bike without scuffing the finish.ConsLocks must be purchased separately. The Traveler is more than capable of hauling 5 bikes (even 5 adult bikes), but this might require some careful arranging, particularly for atypical bike frames. Hanging bike racks like this one allow more sway than platform racks when driving. Some bikes may still require an adapter, though most will not.
Hollywood Racks Traveler Key Features
Capacity: 5 bikes (35 lbs per bike)Mounting Style: Hitch Mount - HangingAdd-Ons: N/AHitch Size: 2"Allows Trunk/Cargo Access: Yes - when unloadedWheel Diameter: N/ACarrier Weight: Approx. 38 lbsLocks Included: NoWarranty: Limited Lifetime
Customer Review: 5/5Just used our bike rack for a camping trip . . . We had not tried to fit 5 bikes on it before, but my son wanted to bring both his BMX trick bike and his mountain bike. All 5 bikes (2 adult, 3 kids) fit without any trouble, nice and secure. Highly recommended.
Hollywood Racks Traveler Bike Rack
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Swagman XTCProsThe Swagman XTC is a popular choice among families. The Swagman XTC can carry bikes with wheels as small as 20", making it perfect for hauling kids' bikes. The wheel-mount design and cushioned hooks makes this rack easy to load, and the push-button ratcheting systems offers simple adjustment. The 4-bike model comes with locks, and the rack's soft coating protects your bikes from scuffs or scratches.ConsLocks must be purchased separately for the 2-bike model. The XTC doesn't have a tilt function, so you can't access your cargo hatch when bikes are loaded (the center mast does fold out of the way when bikes are not loaded, however).
Swagman XTC Key Features
Capacity: 2 bikes or 4 bikes (35 lbs per bike)Mounting Style: Hitch Mount - PlatformAdd-Ons: N/AHitch Size: 1-1/4" - 2"Allows Trunk/Cargo Access: Yes - when unloadedWheel Diameter: 20"-29"Carrier Weight: 25 lbs (2 bike); 59 lbs (4 bike)Locks Included: No on 2-bike model; yes on 4-bike modelWarranty: Limited Lifetime
Customer Review: 5/5Unless you plan to only - ever - carry adult men's bikes - go ahead and buy any bike rack. If you might carry a ladies or any kids bike, read this..... After struggling to get a variety of adult and kids bikes to fit in other racks, I almost cancelled our family bike trip. My neighbor saw me struggling with two different racks I bought from a larger retailer and the other from a bike shop... neither worked. He suggested I borrow his Swagman 4 place bike rack - amazing - all the bikes fit!! After saving the family bike trip, I came home and bought my own - it arrived 3 days later.... can't wait to get this one on the back of our SUV and get the kids out biking the great trails near our home.
Swagman XTC Bike Rack
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