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Weight Distributing Strait-Line Install with Bottom Mount Coupler

Technical Bulletin

SUBJECT/Summary: Installing the Dual Cam HP on trailers that have a bottom mount coupler.

SOLUTION: Tilting the ball mount as far forward as possible allows the cam arm to be closer to the trailer frame. This will result in a better installation which will make it easier to hook up the chains with less stress on the system. If cam arm gets too close to the frame, tilt the ball mount rearward as needed for proper tension on spring bars and clearance to the frame and hitch parts.

Use this procedure for both trunnion and round bar weight distribution systems. It is ok to have spring bars angle upward toward the frame.

Details of weight distribution system installation

Manufacturer: Cequent

Bulletin Date: 1-20-12

Bulletin Number: TB12-01

Updated by: Raymond P.

Last updated: 7/5/18



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