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Bestop Jeep Door Overview

What Bestop door kit is right for you?Determining what door kit to purchase when accessorizing your Jeep can be a headache with all the options available. But the process can be simplified.Bestop offers five different door kit options, each to fill a particular need. Are you replacing a full steel door or a factory steel half door? Do you simply need an upper door for your Jeep's existing half door?The following is a breakdown of each door kit Bestop offers, what doors and soft tops it is compatible with and what features it provides.
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Bestop Door Kits

Bestop HighRock 4x4 Element DoorsFor a lower half door that begs for the trail, Bestop offers the HighRock 4x4 Element Door. The Element Door is constructed from rugged, 1-1/4" steel piping that allows airflow through your door, yet still provides protection from exterior hazards. Doors are sold with or without heavy-duty storage pockets that can be mounted inside or outside, featuring a built-in armrest for a comfortable ride. Element Door applications are available for Jeep models starting 1976, including Element Rear Doors for the Wrangler Unlimited.
  • Replaces factory steel door
  • Heavy-duty, 1-1/4" steel frame
  • Handy storage pockets mounted inside or outside the door (includes convenient armrest for comfort)
  • Easy installation with no drilling (door accepts OEM mirror)
  • Fits Jeep models starting 1976
  • Versatile door options include Element Upper Doors and Element Door Enclosure Kit (Enclosure Kit is paintable to match original Jeep color)
Bestop Jeep Door Overview
Jeep Element Door inside view
Bestop 2-Piece Soft DoorsFor sheer versatility, the Bestop 2-Piece Soft Door stands alone. The 2-piece door can be installed as a lower soft door only - or add the included upper soft door for complete coverage. Adjustable lower pins and collars ensure a snug fit with your vehicle's door frame, and double-bulb weather stripping surrounds each door to guarantee a good seal against the elements. Doors are available for Jeep models 1976-2006.
  • Replaces factory steel door
  • Ensures tight seal against the elements with Upper Soft Door installed (Double-bulb weather stripping and Velcro provide solid seal)
  • Allows open-air driving with Upper Soft Door removed
  • Adjusts for snug fit with lower door pivot pins and collars
  • Fits Jeep models 1976-2006
Jeep 2-Piece Door outside view
Bestop Half DoorsFor an affordable option when preparing your Jeep for the outdoors, consider the Bestop Half Doors. The economical Half Door brings you close to nature - but not too close - with a soft lower door that allows open-air driving, yet protects you from perils of the trail, including dirt, debris and puddle splashes. The door attaches easily with no drilling, offers sure-latching handles and features adjustable door pins for a snug fit against your vehicle door frame. Half Doors are available for Jeep models starting 1955.
  • Replaces factory steel door
  • Offers open-air driving and protection from debris, puddle splashes
  • Ensures snug fit with adjustable door pivot pins
  • Features sure-latching door handles
  • Comes in factory-match colors
  • Fits Jeep models starting 1955
Jeep half door outside view
Bestop Upper Door SlidersFor a heavy-duty upper half door, the Bestop Upper Door Slider offers unmatched convenience and durability. The Upper Door Slider attaches over a factory lower steel door, ensuring a snug fit with adjustable door collars. The door features a unique two-way, dual sliding window mounted in a steel frame. Windows ""click" shut and secure with toggle latches. Upper Door Sliders are available for Jeep models 1988-2006.
  • Mounts over factory-original lower steel door
  • Features heavy-duty steel frame construction
  • Includes two-way, dual-window track (windows are 63 percent tinted, tempered glass)
  • Provides toggle latches to secure windows
  • Has double-bulb weather stripping for tight seal with top
  • Comes in factory-matching colors
  • Fits Jeep models 1988-2006
Jeep Upper Door Slider outside view
Bestop Soft Upper Doors For an easy and cost-effective solution to filling out a factory steel half door, Bestop offers the Soft Upper Door. Soft Upper Doors attach easily over your factory steel half door, using adjustable collars to ensure a snug fit. The doors also include double-bulb weather stripping to facilitate a solid seal with the Jeep soft top. Soft Upper Doors are available for Jeep models 1988-2006.
  • Mounts over factory-original lower steel door
  • Adjusts for snug fit with door collars
  • Features double-bulb weather stripping for tight seal with Jeep soft top
  • Provides factory-matching color options
  • Fits Jeep models 1988-2006
Jeep Soft Upper Door outside view



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